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Brian McGraw | Senior Wealth Advisor

Brian McGraw Headshot

What does wealth mean to you?
I don't think of wealth in just monetary terms. I believe that one feels "well-thy" when they have a state of contentment in all areas of life, be it financially, relationally, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, etc. I think it's the opposite of a scarcity mentality, where one feels a sense of abundance and freedom to share their gifts, both tangible and intangible, to bless others and make their communities a better place.

Brian McGraw can identify some pretty fundamental “necessities” for his definition of well-th. Time with his family. Time with his guitars. Time to enjoy a nice outdoor firepit and some South American food while watching his beloved St. Louis Blues. And perhaps most importantly, time with Sunny, the world’s best goldendoodle, voted “most social dog in the neighborhood” and owner of the entire McGraw family’s heart since her arrival mid-pandemic.

Brian and his family have a multi-generational tradition of hitting the Indianapolis 500—over thirty years with Brian and his dad, Brian and his grandpa and now Brian and his sons cheering the speeding cars. Brian appreciates that time with his dad, who is part of the inspiration for his career choice. His dad, a successful physician, admits that he could have planned better for saving and for retirement; while comfortable, he didn’t know what he didn’t know and that set Brian along a path to help others not fall into any potholes.

Brian thought of being an astronaut. Or a professional hockey player (which begs the question, through this common theme of the team’s career goals—do professional hockey players say they wanted to be wealth advisors?) Now, he’s truly happy in the seat he’s in—being able to step in and help a friend—a beloved teacher—unravel a confusing stack of documents left by her father so that she felt in control and in the know. Or being able to make a difference in difficult situations so that families worried about illness or worse do NOT have to worry about financials.

For Brian, well-th is balance. The balance of feeling safe and giving back. Feeling that you have enough to do what means the most to your heart.

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